Advice for the future

Advice for the future


Advice matters to the people we help and to society. We want free advice to continue and it’s time we shouted about what we do from the rafters, to let everyone - from the public we serve to the funders we depend on - know about the awesome work we do.

What do we want?

We want to get as many people as possible to make the following pledge:

“I support the advice for the future campaign because free advice makes society better and matters to me. I want people like Citizens Advice to be able to continue to offer free advice, through a range of channels, so it’s available to everyone who needs it.”

How can you get involved?

First off, we need you to sign our online pledge. We’d then like you to ask everyone you know – family, friends, colleagues and clients – to sign right away. The pledge can be signed by anyone and everyone, to demonstrate their support for free advice services.


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