Scams Awareness Month - online scams

Scams Awareness Month - online scams


This week for Scams Awareness Month, we're looking at online scams. Some numbers on the subject:

  • One third of scams happen on the web or via email.
  • The internet accounts for 84% of ID fraud - a crime that costs UK consumers £3.3bn a year.
  • Online shopping scams the most common fraud in the UK, costing consumer £60m a year - most losses are around £200.
  • £670 million - the total annual cost to victims of the top ten online scams.

Online fraud can include sending fake emails and creating fake websites.

Scammers might try and trick you into giving them confidential account details by pretending to be your bank. Always check details carefully and if you aren't sure who an email has come from, contact your bank directly.

Find out about the more common online scams and get tips on how to avoid being a victim here:

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